Alero Erhieyovwe AKEREDOLU

         Alero  Erhieyovwe AKEREDOLU, LL.B, B.L, LL.M(Ibadan), Ph.D (Ibadan),International Mediator (CEDR, UK), Graduate Harvard Law School PON.



:                 Senior Lecturer



Area of Specialisation:         Oil and Gas law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Gender Studies, Climate Change law, Environmental law and International law

Contact                                  [email protected];    [email protected]

                                                Room 13, 1st floor, ETF Building, Faculty of law

                                                +234 802 340 9968; +234 806 626 6893

Current Research Projects   


      (a) Completed


Akeredolu, A.E. (2015): Outlawing Gender Discrimination: A Review of Gender Gaps in the Nigerian Constitution and Participation of Nigerian Women in Politics – Under Review by University of Lagos Public Law Journal. Nigeria

      (b) In Progress

(i) Akeredolu, A.E. (2015): A Review of the Constitutional Safeguards for the Independence of Judicial Officers in Nigeria and South Africa

(ii) Akeredolu, A.E. (2015): Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Nigeria: Matters Arising


(a)  Books already published



Chapters in books already published


Akeredolu, A. E. (2007) Regulating the Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas Exploration in Nigeria, in Okeya-Inneh, A.O. ed. Advocacy par Excellence: Essays in honour of Chief Kola Okeya – Inneh, SAN; Benin, Gift Prints Associates: pp. 156-199. (100% contribution) Nigeria


Akeredolu, A. E. (2012) A Commentary on the Applicability of Alternative Dispute Resolution to Electoral Disputes, in Akeredolu, A. E. ed. Election Practice and Procedure in Nigeria: A Practitioners Guide – in honour of Honourable Justice Olufunmilola O. Adekeye, JSC (Rtd) CON; Ibadan, St Pauls Publishing House: pp. 347 – 365. (100% contribution) Nigeria



Akeredolu, A. E. and Ekpa, F.O. (2013) Alternative Dispute Resolution: The Future of Chieftaincy Disputes in Nigeria, in Laoye, L. ed. Essays on Chieftaincy Law; Ibadan, Zenith Publishers: pp. 82 – 115. (80% contribution) Nigeria


Articles that have already appeared in Refereed Conference Proceedings


Akeredolu, A.E. (2008): The Challenges of Developing and Teaching Climate Change Law in Nigerian Universities. - International Union for Conservation of Nature/Academy of Environmental Law(IUCN) Conference on Climate Law in Developing Countries Post-2012: North and South Perspectives.- available at (100% contribution) 11pages. Canada

     (d) Patents


     (e)  Articles that have already appeared in learned journals


Akeredolu, A.E. (2005): An Appraisal of Tax Exemptions in the Personal Income Tax Decree. Ibadan Bar Journal, Vol.4, No. 2, 182-195. (100% contribution) Nigeria


Akeredolu, A.E. (2010): Theories on Ownership of Oil and Gas in situ: Much Ado about Nothing? - University of Ibadan Journal of Public and International law, Vol.1, 207-233. (100% contribution) Nigeria


Akeredolu, A.E. (2010): Enforceability of Alternative Dispute Resolution Agreements: What’s New under the Lagos Multi-door Court House Law.  Nigerian Bar Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1, 201-212. (100% contribution) Nigeria


Akeredolu, A.E. (2011): FEPA v. NESREA: An Old Wine in a New Bottle? - NIALS Journal of Environmental Law. Vol. 1, No. 1, 309 - 341 (100% contribution) Nigeria


Akeredolu, A.E. (2011): The Potentials and Limitations of Mediating Business Disputes in Nigeria. - University of Ibadan Journal of Private and Business Law. Vol. 6, 2011, 1- 19  (100% contribution) Nigeria


Akeredolu, A.E. (2011): Court-Connected Alternative Dispute Resolution in Nigeria.  University of Ibadan Law Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, 36 - 68. (100% contribution) Nigeria


Akeredolu, A.E. (2012): Mediation in Nigeria: What it is and how it WorksInternational Journal of African Studies: Issue 5, May, 2012, 47 – 58. available at (100% contribution) Seychelles


Akeredolu, A.E. (2012): The Proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria: Possibilities and Challenges - Nigeria Journal of Labour Law and Industrial Relations. Vol. 6, No. 1, 63 -88. (100% contribution) Nigeria


*Akeredolu, A.E. (2012): Attitude of the Nigerian Supreme Court to Commercial   Arbitration in Retrospect: 2001 – 2010 – Journal of law and Conflict Resolution. Vol. 4(5), November, 2012, 77 – 84. available at, (100% contribution) Kenya


*Akeredolu, A.E. (2013): A Comparative Appraisal of the Practice and Procedure of the Multidoor Courthouses - Ibadan Bar Journal, Vol.5, No. 5, 131-159. (100% contribution) Nigeria


*Akeredolu, A.E. (2013): Statutory Control and Regulation of Crude Oil Pollution in Nigeria – University of Ibadan Law Journal, Vol.3, No. 1, 43 - 67. (100% contribution) Nigeria


*Akeredolu, A.E. (2014): Incompetence of Court Processes Not Signed by a Legal Practitioner: Implications on Access to Justice – A Case of Technicality Gone Too Far?

The Justice Journal, Vol. 6, 92-123. (100% contribution) Nigeria


*Akeredolu, A.E. (2014): Representing Clients in Mediation: Competency of Lawyers as Mediation Advocates – Kerela University Law Journal, Vol. VII, Issue I &II, 96-118 (100% contribution) India


*Akeredolu, A.E. (2015): Institutionalising Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Public Dispute Resolution Spectra in Nigeria Through Law: The Lagos Multi-door Court House ApproachUS-China Business Review, Vol 12, No. 1, 104 -120. (100% contribution) USA

    (f) Books, Chapters in Books and Articles accepted for Publication


*Akeredolu, A.E. (2015): Clash of the Titans: The Constitutional Right of Freedom from Discrimination and the Customary Rights on Female Inheritance in Nigeria –University of Ilorin Law journal, (100% contribution) Nigeria. Accepted May 22, 2015

  (g) Technical Reports and Monographs


Akeredolu, A.E. (2007): The Supreme Court on Impeachment Proceedings. Ibadan, St.   Paul’s Publishing House; 88 pages. (100% contribution) Nigeria


Odejide Abiola, Bamgbose Oluyemisi, Odebode Stella, Ukpokolo Chinyere, Egbokhare Olayinka, Obutte, P.C., Akeredolu Alero, Oyewunmi, S., Lewis, D., Tolani, G., Olatubosun, O. (2011) University of Ibadan Gender Policy, Ibadan, Nigeria. (10% contribution) Nigeria


Odejide Abiola, Bamgbose Oluyemisi, Odebode Stella, Ukpokolo Chinyere, Egbokhare Olayinka, Obutte, P.C., Akeredolu Alero, Oyewunmi, S., Lewis, D., Tolani, G., Olatubosun, O. (2011)  University of Ibadan Sexual Harassment Policy, Ibadan, Nigeria. (10% contribution) Nigeria