Call for Papers



The Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan hereby calls for papers to be considered for publication in its Faculty Journal. The maiden edition will be published in October 2011 and consequently, it will be published twice a year.

Guidelines for Contributions

1.      Papers must be well researched and original and as much as possible, deal with contemporary legal issues.

2.      Contributors are to provide a short abstract of the paper of not more than 300 words.

3.      Author(s) should state title of paper, brief personal details, e-mail and postal address, on a separate page.

4.      CITATIONS should follow the following formats:

               (a)  BOOKS: Authors surname and initials, Title of the book

               in italics,the edition, (place of publication: Publisher,

               year of publication), page number.

               (b)  JOURNALS:  Authors surname and initials, Title of the

                    article in inverted commas, Volume Number (year), Title

                    of  the Journal in italics and page number.

               (c)  CASES:  Name of case (in full and in italics), the

                     year reported (in bracket), Volume of the law

                     report, page number.

               (d) STATUTES: Full name of the statute; and year

                    of enactment.

               (e)  WEB PAGES: Web address and date material

                     was  assessed.

5.    OTHER FORMAT:  Papers should be typed on A4 paper size; processed in MS Word: 1.5 line spacing; 15 to 25 pages with corresponding (automatic) footnote; Font: Times New Roman: Size: body text 12, footnotes 10.

6.   REFERAL:  Articles will be Peer Reviewed for accuracy and relevance. Contributors are implored to do thorough proof reading of their works before submission.

7. SUBMISSION of articles is via email to Articles received will be acknowledged. The publication date is December, 2011. Deadline for submission is the 30th day of November, 2011. Submissions are always ongoing.

8.      CORRESPONDENCE:  All correspondence and - enquiries should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, Faculty of Law Journal, University of Ibadan, Nigeria or via email to Tel.08033233204