Objectives of CDP Phase II

The objectives of CDP Phase II are as follows:

  1. To continue to provide free legal services to less privileged (indigent) women in Ibadan and its environs;
  2. To continue to train law Students using the Women’s Law Clinic in the practice of law by utilizing techniques of Clinical Legal Education;
  3. To research and document the basic problems  on women’s  access to justice; And
  4.  To carry out intervention programmes in order to facilitate women’s Access to Justice.


 The clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach to the representation of indigent women: It provides free legal and counseling services; educates women on their rights and follows-up on its cases, encourages alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (besides litigation), that remedy wrongs and at the same time maintain the integrity and harmony of the community.

The Clinic while providing basic legal advice and skills in letter writing, gives students an opportunity to learn interviewing and letter-writing skills, they also recieve training in client counselling and professional responsibility when dealing with clients. The Clinic is University-based and introduces students to actual legal problems experienced by women in the course of their daily lives. It also brings into focus the barriers faced by women in accessing justice. These experiences widen students’ perspectives on the potential of law to deliver justice.


The final year undergraduate students of Criminology, Public & International Law; 700 level (masters programme) students of Comparative Family Law and Comparative Criminal Law and Procedure are involved in the clinic