Target Group

  • Indigent women

The Clinic has as its mission the education and assistance with pro bono legal services for indigent women. The clinic provides a legal platform for women, especially the poor, who have little or no access to justice as a result of social and cultural factors.

  • Law students

At the same time the clinic is a place where law students are trained to put into practice their theoretical legal knowledge, using clinical legal education. They interact with, and advise live clients under Staff clinicians’ supervision and guidance.


The Women’s Law Clinic has adopted a holistic and multidisciplinary approach in the representation of indigent women. This approach has gone beyond mere legal representation and has improved the lives of the women in the community as well as the community at large. This approach has helped the communities the Clinic has interacted with and given legitimacy to the Clinic while imparting to students non-traditional legal skill sets that would enable them to be well-rounded and effective lawyers as well as stakeholders in the legal community in which they participate.
The Women’s Law Clinic serves as a women’s research centre. From the cases presented at the Clinic, it has focused on collecting, analyzing and disseminating data on issues affecting women’s access to justice.

The establishment of the Women’s Legal Clinic at the University of Ibadan was aimed at serving poor women in Ibadan community and its environs.