Dr. Afolasade A. ADEWUMI

  Name: Dr. Afolasade A. ADEWUMI

LL.B (Hons), B.L., LL.M, Ph.D.



Areas of Specialisation


Cultural Property Law, Heritage Law, Private International Law, Public Law, International Law


Contacts: [email protected] 

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Office: First Floor, ETF Building, Faculty of Law.

Tel.: 00 234 (0) 803 428 8083



Current Research Projects


Adewumi, A. A., The development of partnership between UNESCO, Governmental and Non- Governmental Organisations in the fight against Illicit Trafficking. 


Adewumi, A. A., Sub Saharan African States Participation in the work of the ICPRCP.



Chapters in Books already published 


Akintayo, J.O. & Adewumi, A. A., (2013) Towards a Reform of the Nigerian Law of Defamation: Looking Forward and Looking Inward. The Law of Defamation: Challenges in the Face of Rapid ICT Developments. G.M. Ibru, John Akintayo, Lanre Idowu. Eds. Lagos: Diamond Publications Ltd.2013.Chapter 5: 105-153


Articles that have already appeared in learned journals 



Adewumi, A. A. (2010) Nigerian Law and Policy for the Regulation of Water. Nigerian Journal of Petroleum, Natural Resources and Environmental Law (NJPNREL) Vol. 2, No.1:23-42


Adewumi, A. A.  (2012) The Impact of Democratic Dispensation on the Health of Nigerian Women Human Rights Review, An International Human Rights Journal, Vol. 3: 354 – 371


Adewumi, A. A. (2012) The Need for Assisted Reproductive Technology Law in Nigeria University of Ibadan Law Journal Vol. 2, No. 1: 19-41


Adewumi, A. A. (2013) National Industrial Court and the Prospects of Industrial Conflicts Resolution in Nigeria. Labour Law Review Vol. 7, No. 3: 1-19


Adewumi, A. A. (2013) A Critique of the Nigerian Legal Framework for the Protection of Cultural Goods from Exportation Abuse, The Journal of International and Comparative Law. (J.I.C.L) Vol. 7: 65-101


Adewumi, A. A. (2013) The Rules of Justice and the Justice of the Rules – Appraisal of Rules of Court in the Dispensation of Justice in Nigeria, Justice Journal Vol. 5: 119-140


Adewumi, A. A. (2013) War Time Pains, all Time Pains: Spoilage of Cultural Property in Mali. Art, Antiquity and Law, Vol. XVIII, Issue 4: 309-321


Adewumi, A. A (2014) An Appraisal of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) Act, 1979. Ife Juris Review (IFJR) pt. 1: 43-60


Adewumi, A. A. & Bamgbose, O. A. (2014) Inhibiting Nigerian Cultural Heritage Crimes through Penal Laws. Ife Juris Review (IFJR) pt. 3: 484-500


Adewumi A. A. (2014) Dufuna Canoe Find- Birthing the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Nigeria. UI.PIL., Vol.4:1-12 


Adewumi, A. A. (2015) Possessing Possession: Who owns Benin Artefacts? Art, Antiquity and Law Vol XX, Issue 3


Adewumi, A. A. & Olatunbosun, A.I. (2015) Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in the Niger Delta Region: An Evaluation of the Potential Contributions of the ILO Convention 169. Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy. Volume 6, Issue 1:129-144


Adewumi, A. A. & Bamgbose, O. A. (2016) Attitude of Staff and Students to Clinical Legal Education: A Case Study of Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan. Asian Journal of Legal Education3: 106-116, doi:10.1177/2322005815607142 


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